Tranfert of pension rights: reply of VP Sefcovic

Suite à la concertation technique du 13 octobre dernier concernant le projet de modification des DGE’s des articles 11 et 12de l’annexe VIII du Statut, voici la réponse écrite donnée par le Vice Président Maroš Sefcovic. Toutes les personnes ayant déjà introduit une demande de transfert de droits à pension avant l’adoption de nouvelles […]

End of the project «Help the 112 in Brussels to become multilingual»

a meeting of the volunteers who participated in the pilot project aiming to help the 112 in Brussels to become multilingual will be held on Wednesday 1 december 2010 (from 12:30 to 13:30) in the meeting room of Renouveau & Démocratie (J-79 09/232 also accessible from Loi80). […]

Threats to our pensions

Conformément au Statut, Eurostat a publié en juin 2010 une étude sur notre régime de pension. La conclusion de ce rapport est très claire: bien que la population des pensionnés passera de 18.000 en 2010 à 36.000 à l’horizon 2059, tous les indicateurs sont aujourd’hui au vert et il est encore trop tôt d’envisager une deuxième réforme 8 ans après 2004. Notre régime est encore bénéficiaire et la réforme des pensions imposée par le Conseil en 2004 ne visait qu’à faire des économies budgétaires sur le dos du personnel. 2012 bis repetita ? […]

The Court cancelled the Council Regulation on the adjustment of remuneration of officials of the European Union from July 2009

Thus, the Court concludes that the Council has no margin of discretion allowing it to decide upon a salary adjustment different to that proposed by the Commission on the basis of the criteria laid down in Article 3 of Annex XI of the Staff Regulations alone, except under the special procedure provided for by Article 10 of that Annex. […]

EEAS: A Work in Progress – Meeting wednesday 24 november

The Trade Union Majority negotiated the statutory changes necessary for the establishment of the EEAS and note the results of the negotiation. Never since the euro, has the confrontation between the Community and the intergovernmental approach been as lively. In full financial, budgetary and political crisis, it’s necessary to count on ALL personnel of the European institutions to make this new service work. ONLY TWO WEEKS LEFT TO ESTABLISH A WORKING FRAMEWORK AND OUR PRIORITIES. THE TRADE-UNION MAJORITY INVITES YOU TO A MEETING WEDNESDAY 24 NOVEMBER BETWEEN 12,30 AND 15,00 IN THE LARGE MEETING ROOM OF THE CENTRAL STAFF COMMITTEE RUE DE LA LOI 80 – 2nd FLOOR. […]

Recently Recruited Permanent Staff: Cuckold and Beaten

AST1 or AD5 at the Age of THIRTY-FIVE? Then you are probably also a victim of THE TRAGEDY OF CAREER PERSPECTIVES FOR “new” COLLEAGUES and… the Commission […]

The CDR Tragedy

Memento of the CDR 2010 Tragedy […]

0.4% Pay Adjustments – Further loss of purchasing power – a reason to boast??

You have all received a few days ago an email by the Director General of Human Resources informing you (and the broad public via a press release) that this year despite an inflation rate of 2.7% in Belgium, salaries would be adapted only by +0.4% in Brussels/Luxemburg and even negatively in most other sites. HR declares that this would be according to the method laid down in our Staff Regulation. R&D will continue to fight for an improved result of the method for 2010/2011 […]