European Schools: Additional space needs for 2011

Additional space needs for 2011: Estimated numbers for 2011 in Brussels – Updated on May 21, 2010

EEAS: Statements attached to Draft Regulation amending the Statute and the RAA

Statements that were attached to the report prepared for college at the end of the process of consultation on the Draft Regulation amending the Statute and the RAA […]

Towards Unity between Unions? A first timid step has been taken?

Since its creation, R&D Commission and Council has worked non-stop to defend the interest of staff and as well, to offer a whole series of services and training, most of them free of charge. Now, all of R&D’s work has been publicly recognised by US-Council who, in a tract published on 30 April 2010, have handsomely praised all this work. R&D is very pleased by the recognition given by US since that could only encourage them to support the positions our union takes when it comes to defending staff and the European Civil Service more effectively. […]

Contractual Agents-new recruitment and promotion rules: the results

For a long time the unions of the trade-union majority are convinced that we must improve the situation of our contract agent colleagues. Establishing the statute of auxiliary contract agents and setting up the one with the possibility of gaining a contract of unlimited duration is the most problematic to manage. Although the bulk of the problems (pay scales, job security, etc.) result directly from staff regulations, the unions of the trade-union majority have worked together diligently in order to improve the general measures for implementing the staff regulations. […]

EPSO 2010 AD Competitions: Male – Female ratio

According to figures, 54% of a total of 51,671 candidates registered to the 5 AD Competitions are women. […]

EPSO Calls for expression of interest – CAST/01/2010 – CAST/02/2010

Deadline for online registration is set for 14/06/2010 at 12:00 (noon) Brussels […]

June 2: Conference on the future of the EEAS

Elmar BROK & Guy Verhofstadt, MEP’s and European Parliament rapporteur […]

PPE Calls for cuts in EU officials wages

The current salary adjustment method will end in 2013: the true challenge will be its revision and decide what to replace with. The battle to reform the statute will be difficult… R&D needs your support: become a member. […]