EPSO replies to your questions…

Due to your numerous questions on the booking phase, RD contacted EPSO and consulted his lawyer. Our Lawyer confirms that the approach is not illegal. Please find enclosed the response by EPSO […]

Has Baroness Ashton lost one of her hats?

In the documents submitted to the Council – the memorandum and draft decision for the establishment of the EEAS – R & D noted that the term High Representative came to 82 times while that of “Vice President” of the Commission was mentioned only 6 times. […]

2009 Salary Adaptation – Barroso Adamant

During his meeting with staff representatives on 30 March 30, President Barroso recalled that the Commission was the guardian of the treaties. As such, Pdt Barroso confirmed a in clear, strong and unmistakable manner that there were no question of withdrawing the appeal lodged by the Commission to the Court of Justice against the Council. […]

Proposal to change the Staff Regulations

Dear Colleagues, DG HR has invited trade unions on March 30 to a technical consultation on their proposal to change the staff regulations. R&D consults its members and partners in all European Institutions and the Commission. We will keep you posted.

EEAS – Defend the european public service

Defending the European public service first begins by applying to the 32 management EEAS positions advertised in the 2010 rotation.

EEAS – Baroness Ashton sends its proposal to the Council

Dear Colleagues, Baroness Ashton has sent her proposal to the Council, please find the document hereafter […]

Refusal Indexation Salaries 2009: need for everyone to introduce a claim? R&D does not share this view

Need for everyone to introduce a claim? R&D chose to demand the Commission’s commitment instead… […]

Follow-up to your message of March 18th

Note to the attention of Mrs. I. SOUKA – General Director of DG HR
Subject: your everybody message of the 3/18/2010. […]