Multilingual 112 in Brussels: progress achieved

Following the information meeting of February 18, more than 30 colleagues became volunteers for helping the pilot project of the Brussels’ Fire Brigade that aims to ensure a multilingual support for the operators answering calls to the 100/112 in the Brussels Region. Visits to the 100/112 call centre of Brussels (Avenue de l’Héliport 15, at […]

Succeeding in the new Epso Competitions

EPSO has launched the new generation of competitions and tests in 2010. R&D, as always, has worked hard to prepare its members by completely revising its training offer in order to maximize your chances of success. New competitions In its daily battle defending the European public service, the regular organization of competitions and […]

CDR exercise 2010: note to the attention of VP Sefcovic

Objet : CDR (evaluation and promotion) exercise 2010 Dear Vice President, First of all R&D, the leading trade union at the Commission would like to welcome you as a new Vice President responsible for Human Resources portfolio.
R&D has repeatedly drawn your predecessors’ and your services’ attention to the massive failure of the evaluation […]

Unitary position concerning the EEAS

Le Traité de Lisbonne prévoit la création d’un Service européen pour l’action extérieure (SEAE). Ce service est sous la responsabilité du Haut Représentant et Vice président de la Commission. Cette évolution offre la perspective d’une politique extérieure européenne plus cohérente et intégrée mais pose d’importantes questions politiques et pratiques. NOUVEAU SERVICE EXTERIEUR DE L’UE: LES […]

Approval of the New Commission – Letter to Barroso

Monsieur le Président de la Commission, Au moment de l’approbation de la nouvelle Commission par le Parlement européen, et au nom de mes collègues de R&D, je tiens à vous féliciter chaleureusement pour le résultat obtenu au Parlement européen qui vous permet de relever le défi de relance de la construction européenne. Le personnel de […]

Help the 112 in Brussels become multilingual!

Members of your family and friends visiting Brussels do not always speak French or Dutch. The Brussels Fire Brigade on the other hand that replies to calls made to the 112 (the European emergency call number) do not speak all European languages. In order to test a multilingual call taking system at the 112/100 call […]

2010 already and still a bad CDR

The 2010 CDR exercise has been launched on the same basis as that to which all the unions were opposed and generated a record number of 4,000 appeals. The dissatisfaction rate amongst staff is at its highest level. Since September 2009 the unions and several DGs have asked for the worst effects to be corrected immediately and to start from now on negotiations for wider-ranging changes to the CDR in 2011. […]