Junior Professionals Programme: “buddies first!”

R&D was the first union to denounce, on 8 March 2018, the new “first class” recruitment procedure of DG HR.

In particular, we highlighted the:

  • total lack of transparency in the recruitment procedure;
  • discriminatory nature of the conditions laid down for the eligibility of candidates;
  • absence of any involvement of the staff representation.

… in short, open door to favouritism and nepotism… which seem to be the real basic principles of this project.

We also denounced the urgent need for a profound reform of EPSO and emphasized that the power struggle between DG HR and EPSO could not lead our institution to abandon its mission as guardian of the Staff Regulations by organizing absolutely scandalous “in-house” procedures.

Nevertheless, despite the organization of meetings with the Staff Representation, the improvements obtained have not made it possible to correct the indisputable limits of this project.

We have :

in collaboration with our lawyers, proposed a model of complaint to all colleagues and we are committed to continue our efforts

Complaint art. 90.2:

Junior programme -Complaint art 90.2

R&D requests:

  • the end of this absolutely discriminatory programme which stigmatizes our institution and its recruitment procedures.

These slippages and favouritism are all the more serious in that, despite the solemn commitments and slogans, again and again, no real detection of talents, development of know-how and career planning are organized.


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