Visit of JRC Director General D. Ristori to IPTS Sevilla

Issues of concern to Commission staff at IPTS: Staff Policy: Present and Future Site problems (Health and Education) Infrastructure Request for Actions: Equal Treatment annexed document distributed in the meeting with Staff Representatives
28 January 2011 IPTS – Institute for Prospective Technological Studies Seville – Spain

EPSO Call for expressions of interest for the JRC Open Competitions

Dear members, We would like to inform those who would like to go on holidays and not miss the EPSO Call for expressions of interest for the JRC Open Competitions that the planned registration is foreseen from 15/7 until 15/9. Please check

JRC: Could you become a Director some day?

You are surely wondering how to maximise your purchasing power in this time of crisis? R&D has found some food for thought by carefully watching the Joint Research Center’s new practices . Contrary to what certain troublemakers who want to humiliate the JRC might think, the JRC senior management allows “anything to happen” not from a lack of courage or sensitivity, but only because it is a matter of putting in place a revolutionary research programme for “syphoning” public money in all legality. R&D is asking Mrs Geoghegan-Quinn the new Research Commissioner whether she is aware of such management tests which “contribute” to the reputation and credibility of the JRC and its staff. […]

Contractual Agents-new recruitment and promotion rules: the results

For a long time the unions of the trade-union majority are convinced that we must improve the situation of our contract agent colleagues. Establishing the statute of auxiliary contract agents and setting up the one with the possibility of gaining a contract of unlimited duration is the most problematic to manage. Although the bulk of the problems (pay scales, job security, etc.) result directly from staff regulations, the unions of the trade-union majority have worked together diligently in order to improve the general measures for implementing the staff regulations. […]

JRC Staff policy: R&D Ispra newsletter

You can find some interesting news on the recent Political Concertation on JRC staff policy. […]