JRC Staff policy: R&D Ispra newsletter

You can find some interesting news on the recent Political Concertation on JRC staff policy. [...]

The rotation exercice 2010 is launched in preparation of EEAS

Minutes of Commission meetings – 28/10/2009 [...]

Food for thought: a study on the creation of the EEAS

Master administration publique de l’ENA promotion 2003-2005 [...]

Paper: The External Action Service: The Main Tool for the New High Representative

A very interesting paper, particularly the chapter discussing the difficulties for the EEAS implementation. [...]

European Union development cooperation background note

This Background Note, which provides the context to the decisions on EEAS and explores possible options, has been prepared as part of the European Development Cooperation Support Programme (EDCSP) [...]

± 3% Net Pay adjustment for Staff in 2009

± 3% Net Pay adjustment for Staff in 2009: R&D working to make the method work [...]

Contractual Agents “3 BIS” a promotion exercise will actually take place in 2009

In view of the ‘AC3bis contractual agents’ concern regarding the delay in their evaluation procedures for 2008 and their gradation for 2009, R&D and other Unions of the Alliance have obtained the guarantee from DG ADMIN that a promotion exercise will be urgently launched by the end of the year. R&D spells out the guidelines of that new ad hoc exercise. [...]

Open Letter to Vice President Siim Kallas

Object: Evaluation and Promotion: a predictable disaster [...]