CoR – Internal competition

  Brussels, 27 th January 2017   Open Letter for the attention of Mr Markku Markkula
President of the Committee of the Regions   Subject:  Internal competition                 “Bon appétit Messieurs” (Ruy Blas, Victor [...]

DG GROW… and the colleagues left the room!

Brussels, 21 February 2017     NOTE TO THE ATTENTION OF MS L. EVANS DIRECTOR-GENERAL OF DG GROW   Objet: DG GROW …  organizing another umpteenth meeting on the basis of bold promises to deal with the problems and the work overload which for too long affect your services … and the colleagues left the [...]


Brussels, 8 February 2017     Note to the attention of Mr Marco Malacarne, Acting Director of EASME     Subject : Concerns of EASME’s staff   We would like to underline that [...]

Renard Dechainé – Mediation

Edito 3
The mediation service must be provided with sufficient resources in order to guarantee optimal functioning 5
An increasing number of requests that the mediation service is in no way likely to manage satisfactorily 5
The only time the administration [...]

« Parachuting » of cabinet members: R&D thanks M. Selmayr and M. Italianer for ...

Brussels, 06 February  2017   Note to the attention of Mr. Selmayr,  President Juncker’s Head of Cabinet And Mr. Italianer, Secretray-General of the Commission   Subject:      « Parachuting » of cabinet members at the end of the College’s term of office Ref.:            Your declarations under item 7.12 of the minutes of the heads of Cabinets’ meeting held [...]

KROES CASE – Commission Decision of last 21 December

Note to the attention of Mr Jean-claude Juncker President of the European Commission   Subject:     Kroes case Commission Decision of last 21 December to hand a reprimand to former Vice-President Kroes for the lack of diligence she demonstrated by failing to declare the income received for 2015 in the early 2016 declaration, [...]


STAFF COMMUNICATION   Dear Colleagues, You asked for the presence and support of  R&D as soon as  you heard about senior management’s decision to move into L15 building and convert it to Open Space. According to senior management, this option would be the most appropriate response  to the objective of regrouping staff in a single [...]

“Promoleaks”: R&D analysis … (episode 3)

    Administrative Notice (AN) No 2016-41 of 15.11.2016 (link), closed the 2016 promotion exercise with the publication of the list of colleagues promoted this year: R&D congratulates these 4,852 colleagues! Does however everything work well? Although the recent Staff Survey does not [...]