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R&D-Ispra is a professional organisation not bound to any political party. It’s a European, multicultural and multilinguistic body. It’s indipendent and it’s not under the control of any central or national political organisation. The target of R&D is the defense of staff interests and the growing of the fundamental values which the European Union is based on.

Even more: human relationship should be priviledged for the improvement of the quality of our professional life.

According to the Staff Regulation the Commission is obliged to promote all this: R&D is committed in verifying that this principle be applied


Gianfranco Selvagio
+39 033278
Email: gianfranco.selvagio@.ec.europa.eu
  Political Secretary
Diana Rembges
+39 033278
Email: diana.rembges@ec.europa.eu
  Vice-SecretaryRobert Kenny +39 033278
Email: robert.kenny@ec.europa.eu
  Vice-PresidentHans Nieman +39 033278
Email: hans.nieman@ec.europa.eu
+39 033278 3898
Email: clemens.wittwehr@ec.europa.eu
  Vice Treasurer
Berta Duane
+39 033278
Email: berta.duane@ec.europa.eu
  MembersPaul Nauwelaers

Uwe Weng

Jan Wollgast

Jurgita Kurganiene