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Barroso – Kroes cases



02 May 2017 : Note of M. Alexander Italianer, Secrétaire général de la Commission à l’attention de M. Cristiano Sebastiani, Président de R&D (lire )

07 mars 2017:  Note to the attention of  M. Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission – Barroso case – Decision of the European Ombudsman of 24 February 2017 to open an inquiry, to invite the Commission to reply to the letter of last 16 October, sent by the collective of the staff members responsible for the petition “Not on our behalf”, and to check how our institution is dealing with this case of “revolving doors” ( read )

10 January 2017: Note to the attention of Mr Jean-claude Juncker, President of the European Commission – Kroes Case – Commission Decision of last 21 December to hand a reprimand to former Vice-President Kroes for the lack of diligence she demonstrated by failing to declare the income received for 2015 in the early 2016 declaration, while still accepting to receive the transitional allowance set out in the Commission’s Code of Good Practice ( cf. PV(2016) 2194) ( read )

23 September 2016: Note to the attention of Mr Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission – “Bahamas Papers” and articles in the European press about the situation of the former Vice-President Neeli Kroes ( read )

14 September 2016 : Note to the attention of Mr Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission – Barroso case, your reply of 9 September to the European Ombudsman ( read )

9 septembre 2016 : Note à l’attention de M. Jean-Claude Juncker, Président de la Commission européenne( lire )

9 septembre 2016: Note from Mr Jean-Claude Juncker to the attention of Mrs O’Reilly, European Ombudsman ( read )

4 August 2016 : Note to the attention of Mr Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission  – Appointment of Mr Barroso as advisor and non-executive chairman in the international arm of the international investiment bank Goldman Sachs ( read )

12 July 2016 : Note to the Members of  College ( read )

12 juillet 2016 : Open letter to President Barroso ( read )


Petition “Not in our name”


European Ombudsman

Decision  -  Complaint 194/2017/EA

Avis - Ombudsman reacts to opinion of Ethical Committee on Barroso


European Parliament

Resolution of 1st December 2016 -  2016/2080(INI)

Resolution of 26 October 2016 relative à la position du Conseil sur le projet de budget général de l’Union européenne pour l’exercice 2017  -  Résolution du PE du 26 octobre 2016… point 69 2016/2047 (BUDG))






Le Renard Déchaîné spécial


Barroso-Kroes cases ” Update “



Barroso-Kroes cases