With his message to the staff, Mr Danielsson has  confirmed  his decision to abandon the Open Space project for the L-15 building, by conveying a message to his staff. In particular, all the objections raised by R & D, including the technical ones, have been confirmed by the external consultant. From the beginning of the [...]

Unsustainable situation within EASME…

Brussels, the 8 March 2017   Note to Madam Irène SOUKA, Director-General of DG HR et Madam Lowri Evans, Director-General of the parent Directorate-General of EASME Agency     Subject:     Unsustainable situation within EASME Disregard for social dialogue and for the role of trade unions: refusal by the EASME Deputy Director to allow [...]

DG GROW… and the colleagues left the room!

Brussels, 21 February 2017     NOTE TO THE ATTENTION OF MS L. EVANS DIRECTOR-GENERAL OF DG GROW   Objet: DG GROW …  organizing another umpteenth meeting on the basis of bold promises to deal with the problems and the work overload which for too long affect your services … and the colleagues left the [...]


Brussels, 8 February 2017     Note to the attention of Mr Marco Malacarne, Acting Director of EASME     Subject : Concerns of EASME’s staff   We would like to underline that [...]


STAFF COMMUNICATION   Dear Colleagues, You asked for the presence and support of  R&D as soon as  you heard about senior management’s decision to move into L15 building and convert it to Open Space. According to senior management, this option would be the most appropriate response  to the objective of regrouping staff in a single [...]

The end of year Buffet 9 December 2016 – Invitation

R&D and its members are pleased to invite you to The end of year Buffet on Friday 9 December 2016 starting at 12.30 ATRIUM 79, rue Joseph II / 80, rue de la Loi – 1st floor True to its traditions, R&D [...]

Saga Réalité OPEN SPACE au JRC

Il faut reconnaitre que le Directeur général du JRC n’aime pas les démarches banales.   Une conception quelque peu originale du dialogue Nous avons déjà pu apprécier sa conception du dialogue social fondée sur la vertu du monologue à écouter religieusement en silence [...]

Survey on staff satisfaction Open Space — PMO

We would be grateful if you could take a few minutes to reply before the close of business on 25 May 2016   Dear colleagues, We had already drawn your attention in our leaflet of 21st April, to certain excesses in the establishment [...]