Elecciones: la filosofía que subyace en nuestro programa

Lista respaldada por R&D, SFE, RS USHU/U4U Lista n.° 1 Servicio Exterior – afrontar los desafíos Justificación de la existencia del SEAE El SEAE asiste al Alto Representante (AA) que dirige [...]

List supported by R&D, SFE, RS USHU/U4U

Vote List #1 List supported by R&D, SFE,
gathering together to be more
efficient only by voting for the whole list you will allow our team to keep the maximum coherence and work for you efficiently! Members Alternates [...]

Implementation of Human Ressources policies in Delegations

List #1 A joint list formed by R&D, RS USHU // U4U and SFE
for the election of the EEAS Staff Committee. We promote solidarity and non-discrimination of all EEAS staff. We aim at eliminating all unnecessary distinctions and petty discriminations. A common implementation on the statute across all institutions should create a common [...]

Launching www.weuropa.eu

R&D and all Trade Unions of all European Institutions in a Common Front are in these days negotiating with the Commission and in parallel promoting a discussion on the reform and the proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council amending the Staff Regulations of Officials and the Conditions of Employment of [...]

EPSO competition Training online 2011 AST competitions

Gathering together to be more efficient, vote for unity !

Video Message from R&D Candidates for EEAS elections

Training for EPSO competitions

You can consult the information about the R&D training for the EPSO competitions (Application / 7 + 1 competencies – Charting a strategy : from submitting the application to the Assessment center) in the R&D Commission site http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qiFGTM-JtZg&feature=related

Elections: The philosophy behind our program

List supported by R&D, SFE, RS USHU/U4U
gathering together to be more efficient Vote for unity ! New External Service – meeting the challenges Raison d’être of the EEAS The [...]