Brussels, 1st  June 2017 Note to the attention of Mr Italianer Secretary-general of the Commission   Subject:    Your note of 2 May to my attention ( link ) Ref:            My note of 7 March to Mr Juncker concerning the decision of 28 February 2017 of the European Ombudsman to open [...]


R&D organizes a solidarity sale of Parmesan to help the victims of the massive earthquakes in Central Italy   We appeal to your generosity and solidarity!         After the earthquake, lives to rebuild… On 20 May 2012, a large-scale earthquake struck the [...]

Barroso case – Decision of the European Ombudsman of 24 February 2017 to open ...

  Brussels, 7 March 2017 Note to the attention of Mr Jean-Claude JUNCKER President of the European Commission   Subject:       Barroso case – Decision of the European Ombudsman of 24 February 2017 to open an inquiry, to invite the Commission to reply to the letter of last 16 October, sent by the collective of [...]

CONTRACTUAL AGENTS: ALLIANCE reports on its action Tuesday 13 December at 12.30

Alliance reports on its action and asks for your opinion on the results obtained during the political consultation with VP Georgieva   Tuesday 13 December 2016 at 12.30 JII 79/Loi 80, 2nd floor CCP Room   VISIOCONFERENCE Brux— CHAR 02/141 ; Lux—EC [...]

Note to the attention of the College members

Mister President, Distinguished Vice-Presidents, Distinguished Commissioners, We are concerned to learn of the appointment of former Commission President, Mr Barroso, as advisor and non-executive chairman of the activities of the US investment bank Goldman Sachs. All the press across the European Union recalled the role of the bank especially in the context of the 2007 [...]