KROES CASE – Commission Decision of last 21 December

Note to the attention of Mr Jean-claude Juncker President of the European Commission   Subject:     Kroes case Commission Decision of last 21 December to hand a reprimand to former Vice-President Kroes for the lack of diligence she demonstrated by failing to declare the income received for 2015 in the early 2016 declaration, [...]

The end of year Buffet 9 December 2016 – Invitation

R&D and its members are pleased to invite you to The end of year Buffet on Friday 9 December 2016 starting at 12.30 ATRIUM 79, rue Joseph II / 80, rue de la Loi – 1st floor True to its traditions, R&D [...]

Representations of the Commission: Double Standards

Local Staff serving in the Representations in the European Union are employed in carrying out support tasks (secretaries, clerical officers, drivers, etc.). They run the machinery just as well as the other categories of Staff. They have all been re-cruited many years ago as the Commission no longer recruits local staff within the EU from [...]

Reform of the Code of Conduct applicable to members and former members of the ...

  Brussels, 15th November 2016     Note to the College   Subject:          Reform of the Code of Conduct applicable to members and former members of the Commission / Barroso – Kroes cases   Reading the interview of President Juncker given to newspaper “Le Soir”, last November 5, we were happy  to note his [...]

AMC and BC : new planets !

R&D is closely monitoring the file regarding the Modernization of Human Resources and remains vigilant at every stage of its implementation. (17 May 2016 “HR Modernisation”)? In this spirit, we attended the information meeting organized on October 11th by DG HR, on [...]

Saga Réalité OPEN SPACE au JRC

Il faut reconnaitre que le Directeur général du JRC n’aime pas les démarches banales.   Une conception quelque peu originale du dialogue Nous avons déjà pu apprécier sa conception du dialogue social fondée sur la vertu du monologue à écouter religieusement en silence [...]

Conference « Brexit: a practical guide » of 15 September 2016 – ...

Dear Colleagues, R&D is pleased to announce the uploading of the recording of the conference « Brexit: a practical guide » organised by R&D in the Coun­cil on 15 September 2016, as well as the PowerPoint slides of this event. Please, click here for the video and here for the PowerPoint file. R&D [...]

Note à l’attention de Mme Irène Souka, Directeur général DG HR: Mise en ...

Lors de l’entrée en vigueur du nouveau statut au 1er janvier 2014, R&D avait demandé de négocier des dispositions générales d’application pour l’article 42 quater qui introduit un nouveau dispositif pour le congé dans l’intérêt du service. Il convient de rappeler que l’article 42 quater du statut stipule que : “Au plus tôt cinq ans [...]