The EU’s new External Service: the “back office” of the Member ...

In the wake of our requests, the Commission has provided us with some documents related to the establishment of the new External Service. Although it is too soon to attempt to give clear answers to staff members’ questions and concerns, all the below signatory Trade Unions provide here  their initial impressions on several points that [...]

The construction of the European External Action Service

a study by Kolja Raube – ARENA, Centre for European Studies University of Oslo Which institutional designs were preferred by the constitutional actors in order to establish the European Exter-nal Action Service (EEAS), and what may this tell us about the conceptions about European foreign policy as a whole? To conceptualize the nature [...]

European Union development cooperation background note

This Background Note, which provides the context to the decisions on EEAS and explores possible options, has been prepared as part of the European Development Cooperation Support Programme (EDCSP) [...]

Relight the flame: interview of Giuseppe Adurno published on le Commission en Direct

Nom : Giuseppe Adurno Nationalité : italienne 38 ans de carrière au sein de la Commission Membre fondateur du syndicat Renouveau & Démocratie (R&D) [...]

Elections Local Staff Comittee outside the Union 2009 – 2012 ALTERNANCE 2009-12 ...

On 16th February 2009, several trade unions (R&D – Alliance, TAO – Alliance, FFPE and CONF-SFE) have decided to support a joint platform “ALTERNANCE 2009-2012“ [...]

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