Letter to President Barroso on the situation in Haiti

R&D is proposing to President Barroso that the the proceeds of at least one month of the special crisis levy (5,07% of the basic salary of EU officials) that are currently entering as revenue in the general budget of the European Union, should be donated to humanitarian help and to build a future in Haiti. [...]

The fight goes on… The Commission fulfills correctly its function!

Following the proposal introduced on Monday by the Head of Cabinet of M. Kallas with the support of the President Barroso, an agreement has been reached regarding the appeal against the Council’s regulation concerning the salary and pensions adjustements of the civil servants and other agents of the European Institutions. The fight goes on… The [...]

Report of the Commission meeting (Barroso Cabinet) of 23 December 2009 (12 hrs):

The Commission’s proposal, as discussed and modified by COREPER, was adopted by the Council by written procedure. The increase of the “pension contribution” was also adopted as an “A” point by the Environment Council on 22 December. Staff will receive the net adaptation of 1,45% at the beginning of January. The President’s deputy Head of Cabinet [...]

Resolution adopted by unanimity by the Personnel General Assembly of the Council on ...

Annual Adaptation Le personnel du Secrétariat général du Conseil, réuni en assemblée générale le 21 décembre 2009 sur convocation des OSP.
Après avoir entendu l’exposé de ses représentants et en avoir discuté, DÉNONCE la décision du Coreper de faire adopter par le Conseil une adaptation annuelle des rémunérations qui viole le Statut et la [...]

Our Remunerations: THE FIGHT GOES ON: we don’t want half adaptation

The European Commission, has indicated in a letter to the Staff that if Council fail to respect the proposal – as it seems to be the case -, the Commission will look into the legal steps which can be taken against the Council. http://www.lessentiel.lu/news/monde/story/21004675 19/12/2009 C.Day and I.Souka message to Commission [...]

The Commission Staff rallies in a General Assembly

The General Assembly called for by all Trade Unions representing Commission staff held in Brussels on 10 December 2009, After hearing the statement of the facts by their representatives, [...]

The EU’s new External Service: the “back office” of the Member ...

In the wake of our requests, the Commission has provided us with some documents related to the establishment of the new External Service. Although it is too soon to attempt to give clear answers to staff members’ questions and concerns, all the below signatory Trade Unions provide here  their initial impressions on several points that [...]

The construction of the European External Action Service

a study by Kolja Raube – ARENA, Centre for European Studies University of Oslo Which institutional designs were preferred by the constitutional actors in order to establish the European Exter-nal Action Service (EEAS), and what may this tell us about the conceptions about European foreign policy as a whole? To conceptualize the nature [...]