CONFERENCE – 18/03/2019 – Prevention of bullying and violence at school

Conference-Debate with Jean QUATREMER “The Euro : should we kill or complete it ...

Web streaming of R&D’s Conference-debate with Jean Quatremer, Brussels, 18.02.2019 “The Euro : should we kill or complete it ?”    At a time when Brexit and the populist wave throw unprecedented challenges to the European Union, R&D invites you to question ourselves about the future of the euro with Jean Quatremer Monday 18 [...]

Conference « Brexit: a practical guide » of 15 September 2016 – ...

Dear Colleagues, R&D is pleased to announce the uploading of the recording of the conference « Brexit: a practical guide » organised by R&D in the Coun­cil on 15 September 2016, as well as the PowerPoint slides of this event. Please, click here for the video and here for the PowerPoint file. R&D [...]

Conference : What law shall apply to my succession?

  R&D vous invite à une CONFÉRENCE sur Quelle loi sera applicable à ma succession ? La règle change ! Règlement 650/2012 du Parlement européen et du Conseil   Une seule loi pour tout votre patrimoine c’est à présent possible et vous pouvez [...]

Conference – Rules applicable to main residence rental

R&D has the pleasure to invite you to the Conference presented by Maître Rocco Spagnuolo Lawyer specialised in property law who will explain elements of the rules applicable to main residence rental. The conference will be in French. Q & A session : French / [...]

Conference – The application of Belgian law to EU Officials – 22/06/2015

Dear colleagues, R&D is delighted to invite you to a CONFERENCE on The application of Belgian law to EU Officials When does Belgian civil, criminal and employment law applies to EU officials? Discover the link between Belgian criminal law and EU official staff regulations Disciplinary or harassement issues speakers: Mr. Thierry Bontinck, solicitor Mrs Anaïs [...]

R&D organises: Exhibition “Women’s Talents”

Dear colleagues and friends,   R&D had a pleasure to welcome you at the exhibition “Women’s Talents” which took place from 4 to 29 May 2015. This exhibition constitutes the outcome of our action launched on the occasion of the International Women’s Day. At [...]

Equal opportunities between Women & Men: Conference Thursday 21 May 2015

Institutional Brakes and Psychological Resistance Annik Houel Professor Emeritus of Social Psy­chology – University of Lyon2. Former responsible for gender equal­ity at the University Lyon 2, “Centre Louise Labé “   Author of books on the situation of women   Despite considerable advances in [...]