« Parachuting » of cabinet members: R&D thanks M. Selmayr and M. Italianer for ...

Brussels, 06 February  2017   Note to the attention of Mr. Selmayr,  President Juncker’s Head of Cabinet And Mr. Italianer, Secretray-General of the Commission   Subject:      « Parachuting » of cabinet members at the end of the College’s term of office Ref.:            Your declarations under item 7.12 of the minutes of the heads of Cabinets’ meeting held [...]

“Promoleaks”: R&D analysis … (episode 3)

    Administrative Notice (AN) No 2016-41 of 15.11.2016 (link), closed the 2016 promotion exercise with the publication of the list of colleagues promoted this year: R&D congratulates these 4,852 colleagues! Does however everything work well? Although the recent Staff Survey does not [...]

Representations of the Commission: Double Standards

Local Staff serving in the Representations in the European Union are employed in carrying out support tasks (secretaries, clerical officers, drivers, etc.). They run the machinery just as well as the other categories of Staff. They have all been re-cruited many years ago as the Commission no longer recruits local staff within the EU from [...]

AMC and BC : new planets !

R&D is closely monitoring the file regarding the Modernization of Human Resources and remains vigilant at every stage of its implementation. (17 May 2016 “HR Modernisation”)? In this spirit, we attended the information meeting organized on October 11th by DG HR, on [...]

Note to Mrs Veronica Gaffey, Director of PMO: “Open Space” in your ...

R&D congratulates you on your appointment as Director of the PMO. We trust that in the future we will be able to embark in constructive cooperation to ensure that quality of service to all the institution’s staff is maintained. However, given the importance of the services provided daily by your staff to more than 40,000 [...]

Note à l’attention de Mme Irène Souka, Directeur général DG HR: Mise en ...

Lors de l’entrée en vigueur du nouveau statut au 1er janvier 2014, R&D avait demandé de négocier des dispositions générales d’application pour l’article 42 quater qui introduit un nouveau dispositif pour le congé dans l’intérêt du service. Il convient de rappeler que l’article 42 quater du statut stipule que : “Au plus tôt cinq ans [...]

“Promoleaks”: les révélations de R&D … (épisode 2)

…         Comme promis dans notre précédent message (lien), vous trouverez ci-joint le tableau qui détaille les différences criantes de traite­ment entre Directions générales et grades: ce tableau vous permettra d’estimer vos chances de gagner au “Bingo 2016” organisé par [...]

“Promoleaks”: R&D revelations… (Episode 1)

… And prospects are not bright for the coming year! A brief summary of facts to start. 2015: the heist of the century for some grades… Nearly 70 % of rapid promotions (yes, you read that right) for grades AD9 and AD11 with consequent periods [...]