With his message to the staff, Mr Danielsson has  confirmed  his decision to abandon the Open Space project for the L-15 building, by conveying a message to his staff. In particular, all the objections raised by R & D, including the technical ones, have been confirmed by the external consultant. From the beginning of the [...]


The Court of Justice dismisses the appeal lodged by the Commission and confirms the Tribunal’s decision and the analysis defended by R&D!   By his Order of 10 January 2018, the Vice-President of the Court of Justice dismissed the Commission’s appeal against the ruling of [...]

2018 promotion exercise… back to the lottery!

2018 promotion exercise… back to the lottery!       The evaluation exercise has begun with the self-assessments and we are now in the dialogue phase with the evaluators. Although these dialogues are intended to assess your performance in 2017, it is quite [...]

“Parachuting” of cabinet members

Brussels, 9 January 2018   Note to: Mr Selmayr, Head of Cabinet to the President of the Commission, Mr Juncker Mr Italianer, Secretary-General of the Commission   Subject: “Parachuting” of cabinet members at the end of the College’s term of office and your statements under item 7.5 of the minutes of the meeting of [...]