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R&D congratulates the happy “clients” from cabinet BARROSO, TAJANI, FULE and REDING click here on their recent appointment as Director or Advisor and would like to offer them a gift: a parachute with their initials embroidered with gold thread.


Enough is Enough! While thousands of young officials will fail the internal competitions, while thousands of civil servants AST9, AD12 and AD13 see their career frozen, officials from the Cabinets are showered with arbitrary promotions (AD12 and AD13 too) and cosmetic Director positions (including, believe it or not, a jump of several AD grades) !


R&D demands the immediate withdrawal of these appointments, the final provocation of Barroso Commission which has done one and only thing in the last 10 years: destroy the trust of Europeans and European officials in their Institutions, as evidenced, yet again, by the last European Parliament election!

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