Gathering together to be more efficient, vote for unity !

Video Message from R&D Candidates for EEAS elections

Training for EPSO competitions

You can consult the information about the R&D training for the EPSO competitions (Application / 7 + 1 competencies – Charting a strategy : from submitting the application to the Assessment center) in the R&D Commission site

Elections: The philosophy behind our program

List supported by R&D, SFE, RS USHU/U4U
gathering together to be more efficient Vote for unity ! New External Service – meeting the challenges Raison d’être of the EEAS The [...]

New Conference from R&D colleagues in the Council

Dear Colleagues, R&D Council is pleased to invite you to their next conference about Harassment.    

Reform 2013: Discussions continues…minutes of meetings with Staff Representatives ...

Meetings with Staff Representatives (held on 15, 16, 20, 29, 30 September, 6, 12 and 19 October). Meetings on 29-30 september focused on issues related to: The Method – A new and improved Method for adjusting remuneration and pensions (intracomm) which simplifies the process by modifying certain parameters, and introduces a new exception clause; Retirement and [...]

Note sent to the “Le Soir” in reply to “Polemiques” article ...

L’Union européenne n’est pas une option, mais une obligation: elle a besoin d’une fonction publique compétente, indépendante et permanente: aujourd’hui, elle ne représentent que 5,7 % du budget communautaire, dont seulement 2,6 % concerne les salaires !!! Nous personnel des Institutions européennes, sommes conscients que travailler auprès des Institutions européennes signifie participer à la réalisation d’un projet [...]

RTBF reports on the Commission: presentation of the facts seems misleading!

Emission TV RTBF – 20:20 – ce Mercredi 12 Octobre Questions à la une: Les eurocrates sont-ils trop payés? Aides européennes: la foire au gaspillage? Au menu…une présentation des faits qui semble diaboliquement trompeuse! Les eurocrates sont-ils trop payés ? Aides européennes: la foire au gaspillage? On risque de faire payer encore une [...]

Join us in our discussion meetings in the month of October

Changing our Staff Regulations is a serious matter because it affects the future of the European Civil Service. The proposals made by the Commission last June are a catalogue of disjointed measures that aim to make even more savings on the back of staff and, more importantly, to undermine the very structure of our civil [...]