JRC: Could you become a Director some day?

You are surely wondering how to maximise your purchasing power in this time of crisis? R&D has found some food for thought by carefully watching the Joint Research Center’s new practices . Contrary to what certain troublemakers who want to humiliate the JRC might think, the JRC senior management allows “anything to happen” not from a lack of courage or sensitivity, but only because it is a matter of putting in place a revolutionary research programme for “syphoning” public money in all legality. R&D is asking Mrs Geoghegan-Quinn the new Research Commissioner whether she is aware of such management tests which “contribute” to the reputation and credibility of the JRC and its staff. [...]

CDR: defending your appeals!

Download the presentation of the 25th of June Central Staff Committee preparatory meeting organized to defend your appeals! (Workflow – Organisation – Groups – Working Plan – Timing) [...]

EEAS: Baroness Ashton is authorized to derogate, if necessary, in the selection ...

The Commission authorize Baroness Ashton to derogate, if necessary, in the procedures for selection and appointment for functions of middle and senior management mentioned above, any decision of the Commission thereon, while ensuring the implementation procedures conform to the status of officials and the rules applicable to other agents. [...]

EEAS: 21 June revised draft

The European Commission, the European Parliament and the Spanish EU Presidency yesterday reached a compromise in Madrid regarding the organisation and operation of the European External Action Service (EEAS). The EU institutions expect the Union’s diplomatic service to become operational in the autumn. [...]

EEAS: the Ball is in the European Parliament’s Court

R&D and the Trade Union Majority supports the outcome of the negotiations on the final proposal for the changes to the Staff Regulations which are necessary for the establishment of the European External Action Service (EEAS). [...]

CDR: R&D teams will start their work to defend your appeals in the new framework

As last year, in 2010 thousands of appeals have been filed by colleagues who are unhappy with their CDR, reports, performance levels and/or points. Within the next few days, the R&D teams will start their work to defend your appeals in the new framework! [...]

CDR 2010: a bitter failure! Already more than 3000 appeals

Considering the 4000 appeals of the previous year, and officials’dissatisfaction, R&D has been again writing to the administration since September last year proposing measures to change the CDR from 2010, in cooperation with a very large majority of the other unions. The Administration has nevertheless persevered in its catastrophic approach to the careers and motivation of staff. [...]

Opinion of the Council Staff Committee on the EEAS Statutory changes

Please find enclosed the Opinion of the Council Staff Committee on the EEAS Statutory changes Adopted at the 29th plenary meeting of the Staff Committee June 2, 2010 – written procedure by June 8, 2010 [...]