EU Parliament threatens to block EU Diplomatic Service

The heads of three major political groups in the European Parliament have warned Thursday that they did not accept the current draft of the EU diplomatic service, they threatened to veto its creation.

“The European Union is in danger of moving backwards and turning its back on what has made it such a huge success – the community method and promotion of real common interest”  say the conservative Joseph Daul Martin Schulz, the Socialist and Liberal Guy Verhofstadt.

The project, as discussed at the moment, “confirms the return to the inter-governmentalism” in Europe, that is to say, the management of European affairs by the States, they complain. They called the states and the European Commission to “begin real negotiations with Parliament”, saying ready to “use all means” to impose their views.

Parliament has long seen a dim view of earlier drafts of the proposed creation of this new service which will comprise several thousand staff, thought to represent the EU in the world and to raise its voice.  MEPs complain in particular that the head of European diplomacy Ashton want to give too much influence to states on the entire policy up to the exclusive jurisdiction of the European Commission, especially in development assistance and policy neighborhood.

They also criticized the organization. The project is currently under negotiation between Ashton, the Commission and representatives of 27 states in Brussels.

Theoretically, the European Parliament has a veto on the budget aspect and one on the status of personal service, not its actual organization, over which he has only advisory powers. But its negotiators hope to conclude a comprehensive agreement and brandish the threat of a veto.

At a meeting Monday in Luxembourg, EU foreign ministers would give the green light to the general architecture of the future service.

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