New External Service of the EU – yes with the compliance with the rules of the European civil service – no parachutings of diplomats and national civil servants

Without awaiting the installation of the new European service of external action (SEAE), the parachuting of national diplomats will start with the rotation exercise 2010. Hidden in an exemption aiming at allowing to the members cabinets to revalorize their wages apart from any method and of any recruitment procedure, the Commission started to invite ex-ministers and diplomats as candidates , to put them in charge of the new delegations of the EU. […]

Apply to the open EPSO Competitions for Administrators 2010

Please note, for the first competition under the annual cycles registration opens on 16.03.2010 and closes on 15.04.2010. Click here to apply.

Illegality of remunerations and pensions for 2009 – note to Mrs. Souka

R & D require that the Commission commit itself extending the benefit of any decision which would note the illegality of the Council Regulation of January 23rd, 2009 to the whole of the personnel. […]

EPSO Competitions 2010: European values should truly be at the heart of the Institutions’ recruitment policy!

European values and vision must be at the basis of the competitions organized by EPSO to recruit our future colleagues. […]

The Spokesman Service and DG Communication should accept their responsibilities and act to defend the European Civil Service

Different articles which have appeared in various Member States, and more particularly the article which appeared on 5 March 2010 in the Belgian magazine “Le Vif – Express”, continue to cite the salaries, pensions and employment benefits enjoyed by “Eurocrats”! […]

CDR: reporting officer is called to inform you about the level of performance

Having received a certain number of questions in this respect, R&D confirms that your reporting officer is called to inform you about the level of performance (IA, IB, II, III) in which she/he proposes to rank you in this year’s CDR. Following an intervention by staff representatives with DG Human Resources, such an indication has […]

Letter to M.Barroso on the creation of the EEAS

Letter to M.Barroso on the creation of the EEAS: R&D is of the opinion that all the staff of this new service should enjoy the same Staff Regulations (permanent for the Civil Servants coming from the Commission, or temporary for staff detached from national administrations) and thus have the same rights and obligations whatever their origin. No distinction should be made between civil servants concerning their duties and their position in the staff chart. […]

New Guide to Open Competitions published in the Official Journal

(2010/C 57 A/01) This guide is an integral part of the 2010 competition notice! Please read it carefully before applying online! […]