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R&D Communication:

Tract R&D 08 october 2010—  Open space  : colleagues to be crammed into offices!

Tract R&D 03 december 2014 – Draft Commission : everyone in « hot desk » mode?

Tract R&D 21 April 2016 : Removal of PMO to CSM2. All in Open Space!

Black Pearl 1: Degradation of working conditions in sight in the New Black Pearl Building

Black Pearl 2: Peal peril for passengers of the Black Pearl

21 January 2016 : Do you know that the Commission whishes to make from an old building a new « window » for the Institution?

27 January 2016: The Commission always behind the times: The Economist confirms R&D’s position on the adverse effects of open-plan office…

15 February 2016: « Open  Space » Oddyssey—Act II, Scene III DG DIGIT enters the stage without consulting staff!

19 février 2016 : La Grande « Nomade » – La Commission adopte une nouvelle Politique immobilière!

03 March 2016: Black Pearl – Finally DIGIT opens the dialogue

04 May 2016 : Survey on satisfaction Open Space—PMO

14 October 2016: Note to Mrs Veronica Gaffey, Director of PMO: “Open Space” in your services

18 October 2016: Saga Réalité “open space” au JRC (english version will follow)


 Other documentation

Manual of standard building specifications

Manuel des conditions d’hébergement des services de la Commission—Partie 2